Areas Of The Foundation’s Activities

Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

It is the main focus of the foundation's work, aimed at providing comprehensive support to the needs of Ukrainian soldiers and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Promotion of contemporary Ukrainian art

The project "We and World" promotes Ukrainian art, raising funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and affected Ukrainians.

Providing scholarships to young talents

Financial assistance and organization of educational events for young talented Ukrainians is a powerful contribution to the future of Ukraine.

Support for mothers and children affected by war

For more than a year of brutal war, thousands of children and their mothers desperately need recovery and comprehensive rehabilitation.

Medical assistance to war-affected military personnel and civilians

The Foundation provides targeted medical care, including free prosthetics, rehabilitation, and art therapy for the affected.

Support of medical institutions

Healthcare facilities are considered to be “critical” infrastructures requiring substantial investments.

Mission of the foundation

Systematic and ongoing support of all those who continue to stand guard over peace and security in Ukraine, those who have suffered losses due to Russian aggression, and simultaneously for the talented youth, a driving force for the country's development and art in all its forms, as an endless source of Ukrainians' inner strength, their resilience, and national identity.

We believe that Ukraine can become the best place on earth for its citizens. Therefore, we focus our efforts on comprehensive support for Ukrainian soldiers and units of the Armed Forces, implementing numerous projects on a systematic basis aimed at preserving the lives of Ukrainian military personnel and providing them with all necessary means to effectively and powerfully resistance against occupiers.

We are convinced that highly educated and talented youth are a reliable support for the country's recovery. Our goal is to provide every talented Ukrainian with the opportunity to develop their abilities and contribute to their realization for the benefit of their homeland.

We actively develop and promote Ukrainian contemporary art worldwide as a profound means of conveying unique artistic reflections on relevant topics in the lives of every Ukrainian through the prism of color, form, and content. This brings crucial messages to people beyond the war's borders.

Recent events