Artist Interview: In The Studio With Yuriy Koh


A series of interviews with contemporary Ukrainian artists, launched by Doctor of Art Khrystyna Beregovska as part of the art project "We and World" of the Kozytskyi Charity Foundation, today wants to introduce you to the unique creative atmosphere at the studio of the famous Lviv artist Yuriy Koch.

Filmed with warmth and love, the reportage opens the doors of Yuri Koch's fabulous paradise - his workshop. Yuriy shares this fantastic attic with his artist wife Olga Pogribna-Koh. This workshop has everything from camels and horses to saints with lemons, angels with sickles and Ukrainian women with javelins.

During an interview, the artist shared his thoughts on the main subjects and important topics for the artist's work. In particular, about the theme of love, women and architecture.

In his work, the artist tries to harmonize the world around him, he refuses to paint war and everything connected with death, despair and destruction. To stop the enhancement of evil, Yuriy Koh creates exclusively positive works, among which numerous series devoted to the anthropologization of the city.

For many years, women are favorite images on the artist’s canvases, inspiring and motivating Yuriy Koh to work. The creative muse of the artist is his wife Olga Pogribna-Koh, whom he portrayed on his canvases in various stylized variations.

So, we invite you to watch the report to immerse yourself in the incredible, fabulously surreal reality of Yuriy Koh.