“The more money you make, the more opportunities you have to help others”

Zinovii Kozytskyi

Zinovii Kozytskyi is the founder of ECO-OPTIMA and ZAKHIDNADRASERVIS, the largest group of energy companies in Western Ukraine, engaged in both renewable and traditional energy. The group includes 24 companies, which have created over 1600 jobs.

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ECO-OPTIMA can rightly be considered as the flagship of the green energy providers in Western Ukraine because this company had previously implemented the first projects in this sector. Key areas of the ECO-OPTIMA activities are development and implementation of renewable environmentally friendly energy sources. In the territory of the western region, the company built solar and wind power plants with a total capacity of 160 megawatts of green energy. And now, during the war, the company continues its work and has constructed a new 55-megawatt wind farm, which is being commissioned alongside new solar stations.

Since 2014, under the leadership of Zinovii Kozytskyi, one of the most powerful companies in the energy market of Ukraine has become the ZAKHIDADARSERVICE. Companies are engaged in exploration, drilling and extraction of oil and natural gas in the territory of Western Ukraine. Despite the fact that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has unfolded, the companies of Zinovii Kozytskyi continue to work and implement all planned projects. In particular, during the war, a new gas field was discovered, geophysical and geological surveys continue, active well drilling continues and new gas pipelines are built.

Zinovii Kozytskyi also focuses on food security issues. In the agricultural sector, where significant investments are directed, the construction of a new elevator line with a total capacity of 20,000 tons of grain has been completed, and a modern mill with a capacity of 50 tons of flour per day has been already put into operation.

Being a supporter of healthy lifestyle ideology and continuing the initiatives to improve the ecological and cultural environment of large cities in Ukraine, Zinovii Kozytskyi is one of the founders of the first Ukrainian bicycle rental network, NEXTBIKE and BIKENOW.

Zinovii Kozytskyi also has an active civic position, giving much effort to charity. KOZYTSKYI CHARITY FOUNDATION is created during the war to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and strengthen the country's defense potential.

Among other charitable projects implemented by Zinovii Kozytskyi, attention is drawn to participation in building dormitories at the Ukrainian Catholic University, publishing books, digitizing Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky's archive, helping to combat Covid-19, and helping Lviv Region communities with establishing infrastructure facilities and supporting the historical and cultural institutions.