Kozytskyi Charity Foundation

was founded by Zinovii Kozytskyi in March 2022 during the war as a mechanism to help the army in the country’s defense.

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Contribution Of The Fund To The Defense Of The State






Portable Power Station

Thermal and optical equipment


Communication equipment


Combat uniforms


Helmets, ballistic vests and other body armors

Medical equipment

Tools and spare parts

more than 125 700 000 ₴

The total amount was transferred by Kozytsky's companies

About Founder

Zinovii Kozytskyi is the founder of ECO-OPTIMA and ZAKHIDNADRASERVIS, the largest group of energy companies in Western Ukraine, engaged in both renewable and traditional energy. The group includes 24 companies, which have created over 1600 jobs. 


“The more money you make, the more opportunities you have to help others”

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Our projects

"WE AND WORLD" is an art exhibition project that promotes Ukrainian visual art in different countries of the world, and with the proceeds from auctions and the sale of paintings, helps victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and also organizes scholarships for students.

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We and World
We and World
Help the army

At present, it can be unequivocally stated that the future of Ukraine depends on the strength and defense capabilities of our military. 
The Kozytskyi Group of Companies has been dedicating significant resources to support the combat readiness of our army since the first day of the war, as it continues its activities even in wartime and relentlessly implements all planned projects. 
Let's create a decent future for Ukraine together!

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