Help the army

A strong and well-equipped army is a guarantee of Ukraine's victory in the Russian-Ukrainian war. It is the main focus of the foundation's work, aimed at providing comprehensive support to the needs of Ukrainian soldiers and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with "VIY" FPV Drones

Today, FPV drones play a critically important role in carrying out combat missions by Ukrainian military in the hottest spots of conflict against russian occupiers, providing our defenders with an invaluable capability to conduct effective and accurate attacks against the enemy, destroying vital targets and weapons, as well as disrupt their communication and coordination systems. Considering that the adversary is actively accumulate of FPV drones, delays in their supply could be dangerous.
     The Kozytskyi Charity Foundation exclusively procures FPV drones with the operational name "VIY" and the ground control stations directly from the manufacturer, and provides them free of charge to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
         Main drone specifications:
•    Flight range up to 10 km;
•    Payload capacity up to 1 kg;
•    elivery of armor-piercing and fragmentation-high-explosive charges;
     Thanks to the technical solutions of the developers, the drone operates in the area of operation of enemy Electronic Warfare means.
      Over 1 million dollars have been invested in this project. A total of 1150 FPV drones, 80 Dji Mavic-3 quadcopters, 37 ground control stations have been manufactured and delivered to the frontline. Additionally, more than 100 drone control operators have been trained.