The opening of the art exhibition 'Unbreakable' is coming soon


The art project "We and the World” was founded by the Kozytskyi Charity Foundation after February 24, during the Russian-Ukrainian war. The core mission of our project is the promotion of Ukrainian art in the world, especially art that illustrate the Ukrainian national position, our intelligence and intellectuality.

Continuing step by step to carry out the art project’s key cultural mission, this October the art exhibition "Unbreakable" will be open in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Prague, Czech Republic. A solemn vernissage of the exhibition is planned on 5 October (Wednesday, 06:00 p.m.).

The exhibition "Unbreakable" will present paintings, ceramics and sculptures by artists from different regions of Ukraine, including the occupied ones. Each work to a certain extent conveys the idea of stubbornness, resistance and invincibility of the Ukrainian people against the enemy.

Ukrainian artists are aware that the world is now heavily "pollinated" by the pro-Russian style of art. Many people in the world confuse Ukrainian and Russian artists. This exhibition is aimed to position the unique Ukrainian content.

Curator of art exhibition "Unbreakable” ­– Dr. Khrystyna Beregovska, art director of the Kozytskyi Charity Foundation, Doctor of Arts.

The exhibition will be held one month – from 5th October 2022 till 5th November 2022.

Location - the modern complex of buildings with a gallery created on the basis of international architectural excellence by the Czech studio Aulík Fiser - Architekti.Bořislavka Office & Shopping Centre, Evropská 866, 160 00 Praha 6, Czechia.

Space will work from 9am till 9pm everyday.