High-quality prosthetics for the injured lady Iryna from Severodonetsk


"He is alone with me and I am alone with him!

It was May 18 in Severodonetsk. I was saved by my grandson - a 16-year-old Yefim. We have only 5 houses with people left on the street. Every day the shelling was very strong..." Yasman Iryna (b. 1960) Severodonetsk.

05/18/2022 Fire shrapnel wound. 02.06.2022 amputation of the left hip. 05/30/2022. Evacuated to Lviv. The Kozytskyi Charitable Fund from the "Hands for Mom" art project provided the victim Iryna from Severodonetsk with high-quality prosthetics. And very soon she will be able to continue raising and caring for her dearest grandson!

Read Ms. Iryna's Story on the Foundation's Facebook page (ukr).