New FPV Drones for the Needs of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (HUR MO) and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)


Continuing the "1000 Drones for Ukraine" initiative, at the beginning of December, the Foundation provided 60 FPV drones named "VIY" for special units of the HUR MO and SBU, totaling UAH 2,220,000, along with the P1 FPV ground control complex, valued at UAH 165,000.

The key technical parameters of these flying devices allow for their use not only as effective weapons against occupiers but also for precise, high-quality reconnaissance and fire adjustment needs.

It's worth noting that this UAV was developed by a domestic manufacturer, which launched it into production earlier this year. Over $1 million has been invested in this project, with 1,150 units already deployed to the front lines.

We wish effective and successful use of these drones in accomplishing all the tasks set before them by our defenders. We believe in victory!