An art therapy event for vulnerable Ukrainian children


On August 10, an art therapy event was held in the princely city of Galich in the Ivano-Frankivshchyna region of western Ukraine for vulnerable Ukrainian children and those who affected by war. The event was attended by twenty-five children with their mothers from the Kyiv region, Kharkiv region and Donbass.

The program of the art therapy event included:

- an adapted tour of the museum of Architecture and Urban Life and the Galician Castle;

- a workshop with a famous Ukrainian artist Myron Kataran in reproducing the original graffiti in the form of a tattoo / body painting from the wall painting in the Church of St. Panteleimon of the 12th century;

- ancient folk clothes fitting;

- tasting original dishes of local cuisine;

- photo shoot on the background of Beskids fascinating landscape;

- a brief city tour by viewing the architectural pattern of ancient Galich;

- side trip to the Galician Castle;

- a workshop in «reconstruction» on the canvas of the silhouette of the castle.

Thanks to the extensive and varied program of the event, children and their mothers spent an unforgettable day together, full of new positive impressions, gained in depth knowledge about their homeland, opened an entirely new dimension of our history, traditions and culture of western Ukraine, which is noticeably different from other Ukrainian regions.

It is safe to say that the experience of such art events plays a very important role in the emotional recovery of children and their parents, which should be continued and implemented in other areas of art.