Art Weekend with the Kozytskyi Charity Foundation


This weekend, the Kozytskyi Charity Foundation hosted an unforgettable Art Weekend with our young guests from Eastern Ukraine (villages of Mistky and city of Svatove, Luhansk region) and the children of our defenders!

During two days we:

Went horseback riding at a relocated stable in the city of Kreminna (Severodonetsk district of the Luhansk region), where the youth had the opportunity to see unique breeds of horses, sheep, and rams! 🐴

Sensed the medieval spirit by visiting the picturesque rocks of Tustan Fortress, where medieval historical festivals and battle reconstructions take place!

Visited the Museum in Darkness, where we understood the challenges of living in a society for people who see only darkness...

And of course, we couldn't miss a stroll through the iconic places and churches of our Lviv! While on the "holy Galician land," we couldn't miss the three most famous churches of Lviv: the Church of St. Andrew (former Bernardine Monastery), the Armenian Cathedral, and the Garrison Church of St. Peter and Paul.

We also didn't overlook the highly praised Museum of Science, which recently opened in Lviv and holds the title of "One of the Best Museums in Eastern Europe"!

We even made our way to Bryukhovychi to explore the heritage of an American artist born in Lviv (Demna) - Mykhailo Dzyndra, whose works the artist transported from Florida to Ukraine!

Learned about the history of the old city of Lviv, its defensive structures, legends of buildings in Market Square, and also found out how coffee is "extracted" in Lviv, all during the "Legends of Night Lviv" tour! 

🌜Traditionally, the tour ended near the Opera House!

And furthermore, we can boldly call our weekend a gastronomic tour, as we tasted some very delicious dishes!