Results of the Charitable Foundation of Kozytsky in 2023


The total amount contributed by all Kozytsky's companies to support the state since the beginning of the full-scale war exceeds UAH 114 million. 
Of this, over UAH 50 million in 2023 was directed by the Charitable Foundation to meet the needs of key units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in combat drones, vehicles, modern radio communication equipment, and other units of military and medical equipment.

✅ More than 1150 combat drones under the working name "VIY" have been deployed in the arsenal of our military in the hottest areas of the front.

As part of the "1000 Drones for Ukraine" initiative in 2023, the Foundation systematically delivers domestically produced FPV drones to military units and divisions within the country's defense forces. These deliveries include ground control stations, Dji Mavic-3 quadcopters, and satellite equipment. The Foundation also organizes training for operators to manage these UAVs.
In total, over $1 million has been invested in this project. 
Increasing the production volumes of drones and transferring them to the defense forces is a priority task for the year 2024.

✅ 20 vehicles of various purposes, with a total value exceeding UAH 5 million, have been added to the reserve of military vehicles in the East and South of Ukraine.
✅ mobile power stations, portable radio stations, as well as medical supplies with accompanying equipment, totaling over UAH 1.5 million, have been handed over in response to the requests from units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to meet their urgent needs.

Also in 2023, the Foundation allocated over UAH 5.7 million for the implementation of the "We and World" art project, including exhibitions, auctions, and art residencies. The mission of the project is to promote contemporary Ukrainian art worldwide and raise funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression.

✅ Throughout 2023, two powerful art auctions were organized, raising UAH 5,159,267. Of this amount, UAH 3,055,578.8 was allocated to purchase essential medical equipment for two military hospitals (Zaporizhzhia Military Hospital, Military Medical Clinical Center of the Eastern Region – military units A4799, A4615, A3309), and UAH 2,103,688.20 for the procurement of necessary medical equipment for the underground operating room of the Lviv Perinatal Center.

✅ A total of 22 art exhibitions were successfully opened and conducted in various corners of Ukraine and the world in 2023. The public of such cities as London, Stockholm, Lugano, Warsaw, Ankara, Chicago, Boston, Tel Aviv and others got acquainted with the works of Ukrainian artists.

✅ Significant events in 2023 include the opening of a series of exhibitions for the "We and World" project in Florida, USA, the presentation of Ukrainian contemporary art at Carnegie Hall in New York, and the initiation of new formats for organizing artistic events, such as ART GARAGE to aid Ukraine's defenders, ART RESIDENCIES for creative experimentation and knowledge exchange in the art community, art therapy events jointly with GEN.UKRAINIAN in the heart of the Carpathians, and the implementation of unique social-artistic projects and art happenings.

As part of the project, the Foundation also provides financial assistance and organizes variuos educational events for young talented Ukrainians who, despite everything, strive to learn, create, and restart their lives after losing their homes, friends, and loved ones.

✅ Particularly in the fall of 2023, an important educational project was implemented – the new modern laboratory «Digitization in Industry» started operating at the Faculty of Mechanics, Energy, and Information Technologies of Lviv National Environmental University.

The implementation of this project in collaboration between the Charitable Foundation and the German company SIEMENS is a significant step towards preparing students in engineering specialties in line with current quality requirements and the relevance of their skills and knowledge to market needs.

In total, in 2023, the Foundation allocated over UAH 6 million for educational projects, as investing in the knowledge and skills of the younger generation is undeniably the foundation of our country's development.

We sincerely wish every Ukrainian an inexhaustible belief in the happy future of our country and wish all of us in the New Year the courage not to stop at what has been achieved and daily inspiration for new labor, spiritual, and creative accomplishments.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!