Ukrainian "WINDOW" in Paris


This time, the "We and World" project of the Kozytskyi Charity Foundation presented the exhibition "FENÊTRE" in Paris, at the Centre culturel de l'ambassade d'Ukraine, located in the picturesque central part of the city, in the building once owned by Alain Delon and Romy Schneider. The building itself is very sophisticated, so the exhibition harmoniously and accurately blended with the interior environment and reflected the Parisian atmosphere.

The concept of the Window reveals the metaphorical significance of this word. 
According to the concept of the main curator, Khrystyna Berehovska, "Window as a sense, shown in the exhibition in several 'imaginary embodiments' - solitary surviving panes of the Mariupol high-rises, through which their residents will never look again. Window as pink glass through which a child observes a difficult childhood. Window as a mirror of the soul, as a 'ceiling of a dream' that we will never reach. Window as a third eye that has opened to every Ukrainian who, despite the 'wind', still stands at home in this struggle, or to those who try to live on foreign soil.

The artists of our exhibition presented in their picturesque and plastic works the motif and sense of the window, both as an image and as a metaphor. Window, as hope and a step into the unknown.

The exhibition features 24 authors and presents 56 works of art, including painting, graphics, as well as sculpture and jewelry. 
The exhibition was opened by: the director of the cultural and information center at the Embassy of Ukraine in France, Victoria Gulenko, and project co-curators Ustyna Yuzefiv and Kateryna Kempa. 

The opening of the exhibition was attended by over 150 art lovers, diplomats, gallery owners, art dealers, reporters, and artists.

The exhibition is organized within the framework of the art project " We and World" of the Kozytskyi Charity Foundation.

It is worth noting that since March 2022, from the moment of the establishment of the Kozytskyi Foundation, we have held 35 exhibitions of contemporary Ukrainian art in 14 countries around the world: Europe, Australia, North America, and Africa.

The funds raised will go to the art therapy center of the Officer's House in Lviv.

The exhibition will run until April 23, 2024.