Training on assembly and configuration of FPV drones and an additional 50 units of FPV drones for Special Operations Forces fighters


Recently, practical training sessions on the assembly and configuration of FPV drones were held for cadets of the National Academy of Ground Forces named after Petro Sagaidachny, organized by the engineering team of the Kozitskyi Charity Foundation.

Such training sessions are planned to be conducted on a regular basis and to expand the format to a full cycle, from drone assembly to operator training. 

The head of the Academy, Lieutenant General Pavlo Tkachuk, expressed his sincere gratitude to the founder of the Kozitskyi Charity Foundation, Zinoviy Kozitskyi, for his support of the country's defense in this challenging time. It is worth noting that the main technical parameters of these drones allow them to be used not only as effective weapons against occupiers but also for the needs of precise, high-quality reconnaissance and fire adjustment.

Additionally, the Kozitskyi Foundation has also transferred a new 50 FPV kamikaze drones to Special Operations Forces fighters.

It is worth noting that overall, since the beginning of 2024, the Kozitskyi Foundation has already transferred 190 drones to our military units and formations, and in the last three months of 2023 - 510 such units.

We wish effective and successful use of FPV drones in fulfilling all tasks assigned to them by our defenders, believing in victory!