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About art, war, evacuation! Ukrainian ceramist - IRYNA Marko


About art, war, evacuation! Get to know each other! Ukrainian ceramist - IRYNA Marko.

The Kozytskyi Charity Foundation within the framework of the "We and the World" project continues to acquaint the public with contemporary Ukrainian artists, their work, life and civic position participating in the project. Today we are publishing an interview with the Ukrainian ceramist - Iryna Marko, which was taken from the artist by the Art director of The Kozytskyi Charity Foundation, Doctor of Art History Khrystyna Beregovska.

Even in our difficult times, Ukrainian artists support the noble cause of helping injured Ukrainians with their creativity and support their indomitable struggle. In her interview, the artist spoke about creative plans, personal tragedy, life and evacuation of her family in the conditions of military operations, about the warriors of the Light and the struggle between good and evil.

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