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Happy New Year And Merry Christmas Wishes From Kozytskyi Charity Foundation Founder


Friends, it was a challenging and exhausting year for all of us. But at the same time it was full of heroism and faith in victory.

We live today in a period of history about which people will write songs and make films about. This is the time to create art masterpieces in all its forms which will glorify the courage, invincibility of our warriors and the incredible ability of each of us to do everything possible for victory.

During this year, the Kozytskyi Charity Foundation invested significant resources to support the combat capability of our army, as well as children and their mothers who suffered in the war, and those who, in spite of everything, continued to study, create and start a new life after losing everything.

We gave rise to a large-scale art project "We and the World", designed to popularize contemporary Ukrainian art in the world and immerse those who are outside the war into the reality of our country.

We know what we have done and and what we've built up to this point. But also we know that even more good deeds are ahead of us.

We wish all of us in the New Year the courage not to dwell on our achievements, to go further and with each step to accelerate the victory!


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